Using minimalistic shapes and simple patterns, while omitting defining facial features such as (the eyes), are what make these illustrations so remarkably  unique. As you can see in the examples above, you can still recognize the person from the caricature – in this case, the Square:icature™! Some of the male illustrations will show a "nose", some will not; it all depends on how prominent the feature is or isn't. The females will sometimes accentuate the (lips), (eyelashes), or (cheeks), respectively. Scroll down to see what other fun ways these can be created into!

L: Celebrity. R: Square:icature™ portrait

Pictured: Square:icature™ portrait (black 8"x 8" frame, matted to 5"x 5")

*Also available in black frame.

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Everybody is familiar with those colorful little sticky notes that are synonymous with office supplies and reminding yourself of what groceries you need to pickup after you get off, from a long, hard day of number-crunching. Well, we started doing these little jokes as lighthearted gags to make people smile, if they could use a little cheering up. Now you can see the ones we've complied, below. Enjoy!

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